Jesse Urrutia

Marketing / Co Founder


I have been in sales, advertising and marketing for over 15 years. I am currently in love with helping clients communicate through online video, check out my company MarketME Video Production.

In my 15 years of marketing and sales experience in the S.F.Bay area, I have seen video marketing grow incredibly in power and presence. Internet videos have taken on a dominant role in exposition and even become art forms in themselves. This has led me to add the full spectrum of video production skills to my marketing toolbox. I love to help my clients design the right message to communicate with their target audiences and deliver it through a captivating and professional video. Whether the style is live action, animation or motion graphics, I have produced them all. 

Part of being a versatile marketing consultant is the ability to immerse oneself quickly and deeply into the clients’ world. Video production can be a large beast with several moving parts. My company, can cover all the elements of video production from script to screen.