Carla Moran

Outreach Manager

Carla Elizabeth Moran has always been interested in helping and advocating for her community and fighting for people’s rights, especially those who are misrepresented. First-hand, she has experience the discrimination and mistreatment there is towards the undocumented community and the struggle students experience when being undocumented or being first generation college students. For that reason during her college years she was involved with student empowerment organizations and worked for the Cross Cultural Leadership Center which provided a space for students to feel respected connected and affirmed. Through her work experience she was able to help students with different resources that helped them throughout their college years. She was a paralegal intern for 2 years  at the Community Legal Information Center, for the Workers Right Program. She then graduated in 2014 from Chico State University with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Paralegal Certificate. After college she moved back to her hometown and participated with Educators for Fair Consideration as an Outreach Ambassadors in the 2014-2015 cohort, she provided parents, educators and students with information on how to empower their undocumented student to reach their full potential. Leading her current position as an Outreach Manager for DREAMer’s Roadmap.